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9 Ways On How To Love God More By Thomas Vincent

How To Love God More?

Let look at 9 ways on how to love God more after we have dealt with “Falling In Love With Jesus All Over Again” in my previous post. You have the love for God but in a low degree and weak measure. How would you attain much love to Christ?

#1 Be Much In Holy Contemplation Of Christ

Be much in holy contemplation of Christ. Consider often what motives there are of love in Him. Press them upon your spirits, and labor to awaken and rouse up your hearts unto the vigorous exercise of this love. Spend time in secret retirement, and there think and think again of the superlative excellencies and perfections which are in Christ’s person—how wonderful and matchless His love is, what heights which cannot be reached; what depths in it, which cannot be fathomed, what other dimensions which cannot be comprehended!

Meditate often on His benefits, how incomparable His love-token is; and, while you are looking, you may feel your hearts leaping. While you are taking a view of Him, before you are aware, your hearts, like the chariots of Amminadab, may run unto Him! O the ravishments of love! The transports of soul, which some believers have found in their retired thoughts and views of Christ!

Get often into the mount of divine contemplation—and there look upwards unto heaven and think with yourselves, “Yonder, yonder, above the shining sun—is the more glorious Sun of righteousness. There, at the right hand of the throne of God, is my beloved Jesus, and though He is so high above me, both in place and dignity—yet He thinks upon me and pleads for me, and many a gift has He sent and, by His Spirit, conveyed unto me; and I can ask nothing of the Father in His name but, if it is really for my good, I have it by His means.”

“O dear Jesus, how lovely are You in Yourself! The darling of heaven! The delight of the Father! The admiration of angels! O what brightness of glory, what shining luster are You arrayed with! You are clothed with most excellent majesty and honor! You are girded with infinite might and power! The beauty of Your face is most wonderful! The smiles of Your countenance are most sweet and delightful!”

And does this lovely beauteous one, this fairest of ten thousand, this most excellent and altogether lovely person—bear a special love to me? To such a vile worm as me! To such a dead dog as me! To such an undeserving, ill-deserving, hell-deserving sinner as me! O what marvelous kindness in this! What infinite riches of free grace! Does He know me by name? Has He given Himself for me, and given Himself to me—and shall not I give Him my heart! Am I written in His book, redeemed with His blood, clothed with His righteousness, beautified with His image! Has He put the dignity of a child of God upon me, and prepared a place in the Father’s house for me! O how wonderful! O how astonishing!

What shall I render unto Him? What returns shall I make? Had I a thousand tongues—should I not employ them all in speaking His praise! Had I a thousand hearts—should I not present them all, as too poor for a thank-offering unto Him! And yet am I slow—slow of heart, to love this dear and sweet Jesus! Awake, O my soul! Awake from your dullness and stupidity! Shake off the sleep which glues your eyelids so close together, shake out the dust of the earth which has gotten into your eyes, and keeps you from the view of your matchless Beloved! Arise, O my soul, and lift up yourself; unfetter the feet, unclog yourself, take the wing, and mount up above the sky and visible heavens, even to the place where my lovely and dear Jesus is! Take your leave of the world and all things therein. Bid farewell to the flattering honors, the deceitful riches, the glancing pleasures that are here below! Bid adieu to them, and leave them to those who place their chief happiness in them!

If the earth had your body for a while—yet let it have your heart and chief affections no more. Come, O my soul! Ascend, and soar aloft unto the heaven of heavens. The way unto the Holy of Holies is accessible. The veil is torn asunder, the Forerunner has entered, and you may also have entrance, too, with your thoughts, and desires, and loves, and hopes, and joys. There you may see, and view, and admire, and embrace your dearest Lord. There your heart may find a fit object for its love, even your dearest Lord Jesus, who will not reject and despise you—but give kind entertainment unto your love, and withal give the fullest and sweetest returns! There your heart may find a room to dispose of itself, and not only a lodging like that of a wayfaring man for a night—but a habitation wherein to dwell and to take up its eternal abode. Let your heart be your forerunner so that, when your body drops off from you, you may know where to take yourself, and find ready entertainment there where your heart has been long before.

Why do you hang downwards, O my soul? Why do you bend so much to the earth and earthly things? What is there here below—which is not beneath you and altogether unworthy of your love? How empty and vain and thorny are these worldly things? Do not waste your time—and weary yourself for every vanity; do not sting and wound yourself with these things anymore. What ails you, O my soul, that you are so backward to the love of Christ? Is it because you cannot see Christ with the eyes of your body? You shall see Him with those eyes hereafter when He comes in His glory, and your body is raised and repaired, and fitted to bear such a sight! You cannot see the wind—but you hear its noise and feel its blasts; and do you not hear Christ’s voice in His Word? Do you not feel the breathings of His Spirit in His ordinances? You are invisible yourself, O my soul, and are you so drenched in the flesh that visible objects shall have more power to draw down your heart than this most glorious object (though now invisible) shall have the power to draw up your heart? Do you question and doubt His love to you, and does this dampen and discourage your affection?

Whose image is this which is engraved upon you? Is it not the image of Christ? What writing is that upon your heart? Is it not God’s law written by Christ’s Spirit? Whose deckings and adornings have you got about you? What beauty is this which is put upon you? Is it not Christ’s loveliness! Where did you get those bracelets, that ring, those jewels, that chain of graces? Are they not Christ’s love-tokens which He has given you—and yet will you doubt His love?

If you feed corruption strong—yet do you not receive some grace, although it is weak? Have you not some love to Christ, although it is low? Are not your desires chiefly after Him, which evidences that your chief love is to Him? And is it so with any but such whom Christ loves? Does not Christ love you first—and yet will you question His love? Banish, then, your fears; silence your doubts, O my soul! Rouse up yourself—and climb up by Jacob’s ladder, which is let down to you from heaven, and settle your love upon Jesus Christ and those things which are above where Christ sits at the right hand of God. Such retired contemplations of Christ, and soliloquies, and pleadings with your own souls, when alone by yourselves, will tend exceedingly to the promotion of your love unto Christ.

#2 Be Much In Reading And Studying The Scriptures 

Would you have much love to Christ? Be much in reading and studying the Scriptures! The Scriptures are a looking-glass, in which Christ may be seen. He cannot be seen face to face in this world; this is the happiness of the triumphant church in heaven, not of the militant church upon the earth. What may here be discerned of Christ, is in the looking-glass of the Scriptures and gospel ordinances. This is that looking-glass spoken of in 2 Corinthians 3:18, “We all, with open face, beholding, as in a glass, the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image, from glory to glory!” Christ is the glory of the Lord, the brightness of His Father’s glory. Would you have much love to Him? Be often looking, viewing, and beholding Him in the looking-glass of the Scriptures! By much beholding of Him, you may be transformed more and more into the likeness of His holiness, and into the likeness of His love—which is glory begun.

The Scriptures have the image of Christ engraved upon them; the image of the Father is upon the Son, and the image of the Son is upon the Scriptures. There you may see the picture of Christ, the beauty of Christ; at least some lineaments are there drawn by the hand of God, although not fully, and to life. I mean, such you will see in Him when you come to behold Him face to face in heaven; yet His beauty is drawn is such proportions, and with such shadows, as you are now capable of beholding.

Would you have much love unto Christ, whom you have never seen? Look much upon His picture and image in the Scriptures. The Scriptures are Christ’s love letters. In the second and third chapters of Revelation, Christ sends seven epistles to the seven Asian churches. There are many epistles and love letters, as it were, in the Scriptures, especially in the New Testament, wherein Christ gives most kind expressions of most endeared love unto His people. Read much and study Christ’s love letters, especially those parts of the Scriptures wherein Christ expresses most of His kindness and love. Read often and consider such places. Let the Word of Christ dwell richly in you—and this will feed and maintain your love to Christ. This is a means to have Christ dwell in your hearts not only by faith—but also by the most endeared love.

#3 Be Much In Prayer To God For This Love 

Would you have much love to Christ? Be much in prayer to God for this love, Ephesians 6:23, “Peace be unto the brethren, and love, with faith from God the Father.” Not only peace is from God, who is called the God of peace, and not only is faith from God, who works it by His almighty power—but also love is from God, who is the God of love. He circumcises the heart to love Himself and to love His Son. This love of Christ is a grace of the Spirit which God freely gives and powerfully works. The beginnings of it, the increase of it, all the measures and degrees of it—are from Him. If you would attain high measures of love to Christ, you must apply yourselves unto God in prayer, and therein seek diligently to Him for it. If you would have much love to Christ in your hearts, you must be often at the throne of grace upon your knees, and there humbly acknowledge if not the lack—yet the weakness, of your love to Christ. Bewail your sins which dampen your affections, and earnestly request that He would work your hearts unto a strong love. Be importunate in prayer for this.

Follow God day by day with the same requests; plead with Him for it. Fill your mouths with arguments, and fill your arguments with faith and fervent desires. Tell Him, whatever loveliness and love there is in Christ, whatever attractions to draw forth your love—yet of yourselves you are utterly unable to put forth the least motion of true affection unto Christ. Tell Him that this love to Christ, though it is your duty—yet it is His gift; that you ought to act it—but this you cannot do, unless He works it. Tell Him how easily He can kindle this fire of love to Christ in your bosoms and blow it up into a flame. Tell Him He has bid you to ask and you shall have, and whatever you ask according to His will He hears, and that it is His will you should love Christ not only truly—but also strongly.

Tell Him that you desire much love to Christ and that these desires come from Himself and, therefore, earnestly desire the fulfilling of them. Tell Him that, if you do not love Christ much, you shall be apt to overlove the creature, which will be displeasing to Him. Therefore, request that you may have such a love to Christ as may overpower all other love, and keep your hearts from all inordinacy of love to anything beneath and besides the Lord Jesus Christ. Plead how much it will be for His glory—that you should have much love unto Christ, that hereby you shall be enabled to honor Him all the more in the world. Plead how much it will be for your good. Tell Him that if you asked for wealth and honors, and creature delights in abundance, they might be a snare to you, and for your hurt; but a strong love to Christ is needful and useful, and you can be sure it will be for your good. Urge His promise of circumcising the heart to love Him, and plead His faithfulness. And, if you are thus importunate in prayer for much love to Christ, and will not be denied—you shall not be denied.

#4 Get Much Faith. Faith Works Love 

Would you have much love to Christ? Get much faith. Faith works love both to the Father and to the Son. According to the measure of your faith—so will the measure of your love be. Such as are without any faith in Christ—are without any love to Christ. Such as have but a feeble faith in Christ—have but a weak love to Christ. And such as have the strongest faith in Christ—have the strongest love to Christ. The strongest faith gives the clearest discovery of Christ’s infinite excellencies and perfections. It is not the eye of sense which discerns Christ, neither is it the eye of reason which discerns Him. Whatever discoveries we have of Christ are by revelation, and this is discernible only by faith. Faith is the evidence of things not seen, and the unseen Christ is evident by faith to be the most excellent person, and the most suitable object of love; and the more evident the object of love is, the stronger will the love be.

Moreover, faith is not only the eye of the soul to discern Christ—but also the hand of the soul; not only to take hold of Him—but also to receive from Him of His fullness, grace for grace, and, by consequence, more of this grace of love to Him. Our communion with Christ is by faith; the more intimate acquaintance and fellowship we have with those whom we love—the more endeared will be our love. The strongest faith brings us unto the greatest intimacy, fellowship, and familiarity with Christ, and therefore, it is a means of the strongest love. Endeavor, then, to get a strong faith, and to live daily in the powerful exercise thereof. The more you live by faith—the more you will dwell in the love of Christ.

#5 Labor For Much Of The Light Of The Holy Spirit 

Would you have much love unto Christ? Labor for much of the Holy Spirit; labor for much of the light of the Spirit. There must be not only the looking-glass of the Scriptures and the eye of faith—but also the light of the Spirit that you may have a clear discerning of this lovely Lord Jesus. Labor for much of the operation of the Spirit. The Spirit is like the wind to blow up the sparks of love in your hearts into a flame. Labor for the indwelling of the Spirit, and that the promise may be made good to you which Christ gives to His disciples, John 14:16-17, “And I will ask the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever; even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it sees Him not, neither knows Him: but you know Him, for He dwells with you, and shall he in you.”

#6 Labor For Clear Evidences Of His Love Unto You 

Would you have much love unto Christ? Labor for clear evidences of His love unto you. The apprehensions of Christ’s loveliness may excite to some love—but the full, well-grounded persuasions of Christ’s love to you will, above all, heighten your love to Christ. Doubts of Christ’s love cause fears—and fears contract the heart, and therefore, are opposite to love which is the expansion and enlargement of the heart. Perfect love casts out fear; the more love—the less fear; and the more doubts and fears—the less love. Such as doubt much of Christ’s love to them may love Christ truly—but they cannot love Christ strongly. You will love a less lovely person who loves you—more than a more lovely person who hates you. The love of the person beloved is a most amiable qualification and strong attraction, yes, one of the greatest incentives and inducements unto love. Get, then, a persuasion of the infinite love to you of this infinitely lovely Person—that you may be able to say with Paul, Galatians 2:20, “Christ loved me, and gave Himself for me!”

Look diligently into the Word of God, and find out the characters there, of those who are beloved by Christ; and then look diligently into yourselves and see whether your face will not answer that face in the looking-glass of the Scriptures. See whether you can find the lineaments of the new man within you; whether you have experienced a gracious change. Is there now spiritual light—where there once was darkness? Is there now love to God—where there once was hatred to God? Is the Law of God now written on your heart—where once the law of sin commanded all? Is the bias of your wills and heart, now God-ward, Christ-ward, and heaven-ward; which, heretofore, was only sin-ward, earth-ward, and hell-ward?

Pray earnestly unto God that He would give you a full assurance that, if you are indeed effectually called, if you are indeed united and related unto Jesus Christ, you may know it and no longer doubt thereof.

In a word, seek diligently after the manifestations of Christ’s love in all the ways of His ordinances. Do not rest in the externals of the ordinances—but seek after Christ in the ordinances. Follow Him from ordinance to ordinance, and always be looking for Him and looking towards Him—until He turns about and looks upon you, and gives you His gracious smile. Seek and wait for that manifestation of Himself—which He has promised to those who love Him, John 14:21. Wait for His mission of the Holy Spirit from heaven, 1 Peter 1:12, to shed abroad the sense of His love to your hearts, Romans 5:5; and, if you knew assuredly, and had a sense hereof given unto you by the Spirit of Christ—O the joys which you would then have in Him! O the love which you would then have to Him! As your joys would be unspeakable, so your love would be unspeakable also. Such a warmth of heart and burning of love to Christ, you would feel within you as is beyond the rhetoric of the tongue to set forth!

#7 Get Much Hatred Of Sin 

Would you have much love to Christ? Get much hatred of sin; and accordingly, watch, pray, strive, and fight against sin as the worst of evils, like that which so much displeases your Lord. Bewail sins of daily incursion, and labor that your sins of infirmity may be less every day. Take heed of sins of sudden surprise—but chiefly of designed sins, and that you do not comply with any temptations unto grosser miscarriages which, like water cast upon the fire of your love to Christ, will put out the flame, and leave only a few unperceivable sparks in the corner of your hearts. Do not allow sin to have any room in your hearts or if it will abide and you cannot thrust it quite out, let it not have a quiet habitation within you.

Disturb sin as much as you can; wage war every day with your remaining lusts. Let no day pass over your heads without giving some blows, some thrusts, and wounds to sin. The more room sin has in your hearts—the less room Christ will have there. Particularly, take heed of inordinate love to the world, and the things in the world, the prevalence of which love will dampen your love to Christ. By how much more the world gets of your love—by so much the less Christ will have of it. A subordinate love you may have to people and things in the world—but let no person or thing have your chief love, only Christ. Love nothing for itself with a superlative love—but love all inferior things with inferior love; love all under the Lord and in the Lord, and for the Lord’s sake. Get all inordinate affections to the world crucified by the cross of Christ! You must have dying affections to perishing things—if you would have a living and strong love to the ever-living Jesus!

#8 Associate Yourselves Most With Those Who Have Most Love Unto Christ 

Would you have much love unto Christ? Associate yourselves most with those who have most love unto Christ. You may fetch light from their light, and you may fetch warmth from their fire; dead coals are kindled by the living, and your dead hearts may be kindled with love to Christ by the warm discourse of those who have warm hearts. Be ready to speak of Christ and for Christ in any company as you have the opportunity, and diligently watch for an occasion. Shut your ears against profane and filthy communication. Do not listen to a discourse which is vain and frothy; be ready to begin and promote that discourse which is serious and savory, that which is gracious and may tend to your own and others edification. Study and practice the art of provoking all whom you converse with, not unto strife and contention—but unto this love and affection unto the Lord Jesus Christ; and, while you are endeavoring to warm others with this love, you may be warmed yourselves!

#9 Be Much In The Exercise Of This Love 

And, lastly, would you have much love unto Christ? Be much in the exercise of this love; hereby it is increased and heightened. If you exercise this love frequently, it will hereby get strength and activity. Every day endeavor to put forth some vigorous acts of love unto Jesus Christ. In your ordinary callings, secular businesses, and employments, you may send up some looks of love unto Jesus Christ in frequent short prayers; but especially, in the duties of God’s immediate worship. Labor that your love may flow out unto Christ most vigorously. In your daily secret devotion and family worship, let love to Christ draw forth tears from your eyes, at least cause grief and sorrow in your hearts, in the acknowledgment of your sins, whereby He has been dishonored and displeased.

Let love to Christ draw forth earnest desires after Christ—and those communications, manifestations, and consolations which He gives to none but such as are His. Let love to Christ put requests into your mouths, arguments into your requests, and fervor into your arguments, in your pleadings with Him at the throne of grace for further supplies of His grace, and that you may be brought into more intimacy of acquaintance with Him.

Every day you should express your love to Christ, especially on the Lord’s day, when almost the whole day is to be spent in public and private exercises of pious worship, and all your love to Christ should be in exercise. In your attendance upon Him in ordinances, you must bring not only your bodies before Him—but present your hearts unto Him. This you should be careful to do in public prayer and hearing of the Word, preaching, and singing psalms. Often should you endeavor, in every ordinance, to lift up your hearts unto the Lord; but, above all, when you approach the Lord’s table, all your graces should there and then be in exercise, especially this grace of love to Jesus Christ. Your eye there should affect your heart when you see the representations of your crucified Lord and think what manner of love He bore to you, that He should submit Himself unto such a death for you. How should this affect your hearts! And, if ever, then your love to Christ should show itself and act with the greatest vigor and strength!

This article is edited from “The True Christian’s Love to the Unseen Christ” by Thomas Vincent. Check our collection of articles on this topic in the related posts, alternatively, you can get a copy of the book from Amazon.

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